Game Information Triple Mobi

Triple Mobi

Triple Mobi
The triple bonus HD innovated and now with its mobile version you can download this incredible game on your mobile phone bringing you a new experience.

There are 30 balls, 4 cards and 10 extra balls!

Your Big Eye mascot will never abandon you and you will be in the best moments of the game, it will come to increase your luck and double your prizes.

Allow yourself to live this adventure and triple your enjoyment!
Triple Mobi

How to play Triple Mobi

• This game has 60 balls numbered from 1 to 60.
• Each play consists of 30 balls that will be drawn.
• The numbers drawn will be marked on the corresponding cards.
• To see the balls already drawn, slide the screen to the left and swipe right to go back.
• Up to 4 simultaneous cards are available.
• Start a play by clicking the "Play" button or turn on the "auto" key for automatic rounds.
• The price of each extra ball will be reported at the bottom.
• To play with the extra ball just click on the ball.
• To refuse the extra ball, simply touch the X button.
• Randomly the game will offer a joker and with it the player can choose any number available in an active card.
• The player can preselect a lucky number by clicking on it and then clicking on the joker to confirm the choice.
• When one premium standard overlaps the other completely, only the highest premium is paid.
• The BINGO prize is awarded when all numbers in a card are marked.
• The accumulation leaves when a card is completely filled without the aid of extra balls.
• To change the numbers simply touch the cards.
• To remove a card, hold and drag toward the icon.
• Reactivate an empty carton with just one tap.
• You must define the credit value of your currency by clicking on the "denomination".
• To set the bet level, click on "Bet".
• By increasing the bet level the player will be able to win bigger prizes.

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